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How to use your Tax Refund for LASIK Eye Surgery

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While many people take advantage of tax refunds to travel, build savings, or pay off debt,  why not put yours towards clear vision and LASIK eye surgery?

Step 1: File your taxes
First, file your taxes as usual. Follow your regular system of a brokerage firm, accountant or tax software. The United States processes about 90 percent of all refunds within three weeks. Use this is a benchmark to gauge when you should book your LASIK consultation.

Step 2: Schedule your FREE LASIK consultation
While the government processes your refund, you can use this time to have your LASIK eye surgery consultation. This eye exam is where you learn if you’re a laser vision correction candidate. (For instance, your corneal thickness and tear production will fall into certain ranges.) If you meet the LASIK eye surgery requirements, you can schedule your procedure.

Step 3: Day of LASIK eye surgery
If you complete your procedure during tax season, your eyes will have months to heal in time for summer. Treat yourself to new sunglasses or a vacation, or simply see the world through your corrected vision.

Schedule your FREE LASIK Consultation at Milauskas Eye Institute today.

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