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Eye Facts

Here are few facts about your eyes.


  • Everyone has a blind spot.

Yes: if you have perfect sight, there’s still a blind spot or blank area in your field of vision. You don’t know it’s there because your brain fills in that area with what you expect to see there. Some people’s blind spots are bigger than others, but it’s likely all mammals have them. It’s just the way our eyes are built.

  • You can catch a cold through your eyes.

This is true – Touch a sick person or a germ-covered surface (like a doorknob), then put your hands on your eyes or nose. The cold virus travels easily through the duct that connects your eyes to your nose and throat. It gets into your body and causes infection. If you don’t want to get sick, keep your hands away from your face, or wash them before you touch it.

  • Wearing glasses all the time weakens your eyes.

No – You can’t wear your glasses too much. Yes, your eyes change as you get older, but that’s going to happen whether you have specs or not. Remember, glasses don’t fix your eye problems, they just help you see better in spite of them. The right pair can also hold off eyestrain headaches.

  • If you cross your eyes, they’ll get stuck that way.

Not true – Your eyes won’t stay crossed forever, no matter how often you make faces.

  • Your eyes are full-size at birth.

No – Your eyes grow along with the rest of your body up until you’re an adult. That’s why your vision — and your glasses or contacts prescription — changes over time

  • How do your eyes “see” an image?

As light – All your eyes do is process light. It’s your brain that creates the picture. First, your eyes take in light and convert it into electrical nerve signals. They travel to your visual cortex, the part of your brain that controls sight, which converts the signals into the image you see.


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