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Clarus Ultrawide Retinal Exam

Modern technology can eliminate the need for dilated eye exams.

Retina Exam

Ask if you’re a candidate for non-dilated eye exams!

In our continued effort to provide the best possible vision care, Milauskas Eye Institute is pleased to offer the Zeiss Clarus 700 Retinal Exam as part of our comprehensive eye care. This non-invasive procedure allows me to see a much broader and more detailed view of the retina, usually without the need for dilating eye drops. The Clarus 700 OptoMap is our preferred method for evaluating the health of the delicate interior of your eyes.

The Clarus 700 helps detect eye diseases as early as possible including retinal detachments, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and ocular damage from systemic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. The Clarus 700 Retinal Exam Takes less than 2 minutes. Patients experience no blurry vision and no light sensitivity. Permanent digital image record Dilation (normal exam) Add 30 minutes to the exam Blurry vision for 3-4 hours Light sensitivity for 3-6 hours No Permanent digital image record Insurance typically does not cover any advanced screening technology such as the Clarus 700.


  • No Dilation: less time spent at the office than dilation
  • No difficulty seeing, blurriness, or discomfort
  • Wider view: The Ultra-wide imaging allows your doctor to see 200° of your retina rather than only 45° for standard dilated exams. This more detailed view allows for better evaluation of your eye.
  • Permanent Record: The photographs of your retina provide a permanent record for your medical history, allowing your eye doctor to easily identify changes that may be of concern.

Disclaimer: A $39.00 fee is required for a non-dilated eye exam.Some patients may still require dilation. In this case, the fee would be refunded. Some patients may not be candidates for non-dilated eye exams. Ask your eye doctor if a non-dilated eye exam would be right for you.

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