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Post Operative Recovery for Cataract Surgery

Post-operative recovery for cataract surgery usually takes just a few days, during which you may experience some mild eye discomfort. You will be given a protective shield for your eye, which your doctor will instruct you when to remove and when to replace. The eye shield is generally used during sleep for several days. Vision may seem blurry when the eye shield is first removed. This distorted vision is normal while your eye becomes accustomed to the intraocular lens.

Some patients experience red or bloodshot eyes, which resolves quickly as the eye heals. Clear vision can return within several hours or may take 1-2 weeks to be completely restored. While you will probably feel able to return to normal activities shortly after your cataract surgery, you should follow these tips to expedite your recovery:

  • Do not drive on the day of your cataract surgery
  • Be careful not to bump into anything
  • Avoid activities that put pressure on the eye (lifting heavy objects, bending down, strenuous activity, sneezing, vomiting)
  • Do not rub the eye
  • Avoid eye irritants, such as wind, dust, and smoke
  • Do not swim or use a hot tub the first week after eye surgery

Your doctor will give you detailed post-operative instructions and answer any questions you may have after your cataract surgery. You should feel free to contact our office with questions or concerns at any time during your at-home recovery. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled after your cataract surgery to check on your healing progress, which is generally completed within a few weeks. If you are experiencing symptoms of cataracts or vision problems of any kind, contact our office for a complete eye evaluation. Our goal at Milauskas is to achieve the best possible vision results for every patient through advanced technology and by understanding each individual’s unique needs. If you would like to learn more about cataracts, please call our office at 760-340-3937.

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